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The CAREERENGINE NETWORK is a group of category specific career sites. 

Candidate Matching


Our Job Search Agent is a candidate resume-to-job matching system that emails applicant resume results directly to the email address included in the job posting.


Job candidates can also send their resume, accompanied with a cover letter, directly via our internal messaging system.

Of course including a website link to your own company website listing and application tracking system is a response mechanism option.

We encourage candidates in our system to build their resume/CV with the Resume Wizard option, which works well with ATS resume search technology (e.g. Google Hire) by highlighting key areas required in evaluating an applicants qualifications and assessing their viability for employment for the specific job opening.

Bulk XML Posting

​​ is a dedicated xml bulk job posting portal where customers can log in to post, submit and view status of their job posting submissions.

HTTPS post is available to automate the process.

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Post Jobs


To request job posting credits, please register on the respective site and send an email to:

A representative will review your job credit request and email an online invoice, payable by credit card, for the amount due.

Once payment is received, we will apply job posting credits to your account allowing you to submit and activate your job posting(s).



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